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Your Mental Health In The Context Of TASER Weapons, Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays And Other Self Defense Products

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By Dan Reyes

Would you like to accomplish personal development and fulfillment? How much do you value your self-esteem? How important is it to you to satisfy your love and belongingness necessities? And what does all that have to do with TASER weapons, stun guns, pepper sprays and self defense products in general?

A great deal, actually. And I can definitively back that claim up.

According to Abraham Maslow (a chief exponent of the humanistic paradigm of human behavior), each individual has a five-levels “pyramid of needs” that activates his/her conduct. How well you do in life will depend on whether or not you can successfully deal with the needs of each and every one of your inferior, most dominant stages of the hierarchy, as you move up to satisfy the demands of the higher stages. This same process keeps happening, one level at a time, until the top level is reached at and a salubrious state of “self-actualization” (mental wellbeing) is produced.

You must be asking yourself by now: what are those specific demands to be satisfied on each particular stage of your own hierarchy? And what does all that have to do with self defense products in general? Let’s take a quick look at each stage of Maslow’s “pyramid of needs”, before we bring in self defense products into the whole mental health picture:

Level 5: “Self-Actualization” (Highest level)
Level 4: “Esteem & Self Esteem”
Level 3: “Love & Belonging”
Level 2: “Safety and Security”
Level 1: “Biological/Physiological Needs” (Lowest level)

As you can appreciate, the lowest stage of the hierarchy (Level 1) is that of “Biological/Physiological Demands”. Here you must satisfy your most basic human needs, including getting sufficient food, water, air, sleep, sex, etc. Many criminal offenses are actually driven by a difficulty to satisfy these needs through socially accepted routes (be ready to defend yourself with non lethal TASER weapons, stun guns, pepper sprays and other reliable self defense products such as surveillance equipments).

Once the biological needs of this first level are met, the second level of Maslow’s Hierarchy (“Safety and Security”) comes into play, its specific needs again driving your behavior until completely satisfied. This is precisely where self defense products fit into the whole mental health picture. Without these licit self defense weapons, your “Safety and Security” needs might not be properly fulfilled, and your chances of satisfying those important needs of the remaining next three levels (“Love & Belonging”, “Esteem & Self Esteem”, & “Self-Actualization”) would be thwarted (nobody can develop those higher level aspirations of human development under unsafe conditions, according to Maslow’s psychological theory).

However… Is it possible to achieve your full potential as an individual without using any TASER weapon, stun gun or pepper spray at all? Of course it is. Maslow himself never talked about self defense products. Nonetheless, the real question you must be asking yourself is: What are your chances of upholding your self-actualization status (once achieved) if you become a victim of crime?

Statistical studies have shown that the average U.S. citizen has a probability as high as 80% of becoming the victim of fierce crime over the course of a lifetime (by logic, someone’s chances of losing his/her self-actualization status is exactly the same). If you become a victim of crime, you will most probably go back to a previous “deficit oriented” (not self-actualized) status of the pyramid of needs (levels 1-4), and the quality of your life (and that of your loved ones) would be painfully affected. In other words, you will most probably lose your self-actualized status (fifth level of the hierarchy), after having had to struggle so hard to achieve it.

Moreover, you will also lose your sense of esteem & self esteem (fourth level), as well as your sense of “love & belonging” (third level: you will consider it hard to trust others)…even going back as far as your second level of your own psychological hierarchy: “Safety and Security”. That’s a lot to lose in terms of emotional, mental, and even physical health, isn’t it?

TASER weapons, stun guns, pepper sprays, instructional fighting DVDs, surveillance equipments…these lawful non lethal weapons and self defense products stand for so much more than your physical security alone: these are important instruments to help you secure all the psychological happiness you and your family may accomplish in life. They represent your human right to defend your emotional wellbeing and your peace of mind, and that of your loved ones.

Who says that psychology doesn’t have anything to do with prevention? And crime prevention begins with getting yourself reliable self defense weapons and products. If you protect yourself today, you might even spare yourself (and your family) years of psychotherapy aimed at rebuilding a shattered psychological hierarchy of needs that could have stood intact if only you had chosen to listen to a good advice…while still in time.

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